Shower – Coco Chanel Bridal Shower

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And of course this would’nt be a coco chanel bridal shower if there wasn’t a perfume station.  Where guest could create their own scent. Divine!

This is just too adorable. This is a one of a kind favor. Beautiful and very creative.

Bridal Shower by: Heavenly Blooms

Coco Chanel Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower

Details, detail, details its what this shower is all about. This shower by Heavenly Blooms is by far one of the most adorable showers ever. Loving the color scheme in black, white and pink. It is so girly and yet so womanly.

The mirror dessert table is a show stopper. It created a modern and elegant look. contrasting the fabric floral background which is more vintage and bright.

This is  definitively  a Hosting Essence two thumbs up.

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Bridal Shower



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